National Football League owners OK 10-minute overtime

NFL owners on Tuesday approved changing the length of overtime from 15 minutes to 10, NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported. There are concerns, however, the shortening of overtime could result in more ties.

It's looking likely that there will be less time for overtime next season in the NFL.

The minor tweak should carry some significance, as four games were decided in the final five minutes of overtime in the least season alone.

As you know, the overtime format was recently altered so that the team that kicks off gets a chance to possess the ball if the receiving team is held to a field goal or less.

The proposal was initially made at the annual league meeting in March.

The rule takes effect for the upcoming 2017 season. If anything, fans would probably like five more minutes added to the end of games instead of less.

The owners passed a proposal that allows each team to activate two players from injured reserve.

In another change, they eliminated the mandatory preseason roster cutdown to 75 players per team.

Another rule change that will bring some back to the National Football League is that players can now celebrate more freely. There will only be one cut-down day now - from 90 to 53.

  • Julie Sanders