Microsoft Won't Hold Back Scorpio Games' Framerates for Xbox One Parity

Long story short, Microsoft is not going to meddle with the developers' decisions when it comes to FPS, so anyone in their right mind shouldn't point the finger at the company if frame rate issues turn up between Project Scorpio and Xbox One in multiplayer. But with Microsoft set to release the Xbox Scorpio with its much-touted six teraflops of processing power later this year, many Xbox gamers were hoping the tides would turn given Scorpio's significant power advantage over even the upgraded PlayStation 4 Pro. After all, since Microsoft has previously stated that all Xbox Scorpio games must also run on Xbox One, isn't it reasonable to assume that Scorpio games will, therefore, be held back by a presumed need to achieve framerate parity with their Xbox One counterparts?

YBarra replied that there was no fps parity in place by saying, "No, there isn't".

The statement led to Xbox engineering lead Mike Ybarra stepping in, assuring people that such decisions were left to the developers, not Microsoft. Microsoft isn't forcing anything on anyone, and they never meant to in the first place, end of story.

The big benefit is that they're free to explore how good of a game they can make with a system that at the moment has undefined limits in the public eye, which could make for titles that look incredible compared to, say, a PC counterpart. Ybarra loosed an addition tweet, writing, "Developers are free to choose how they use the power of Project Scorpio for games". Most importantly, we don't know if games will be limited by Xbox One's specs. It is a situation that is similar to PS4 and PS4 Pro. We can expect more details on this to surface in 2019 when Rockstar starts talking more about GTA 6. Presumably we will learn the console's official name and price, among other things, in the weeks and months to come before the system's launch this holiday.

Are you looking forward to Scorpio?

  • Arturo Norris