Corbyn: Labour won't hit £80000 earners with immediate income tax hike

Although Mr Corbyn's party trailed Tories - on 46% - by 12 points, it matched Labour's best rating in a mainstream poll this year and added weight to the idea that its campaign is winning over voters.

Labour has been in opposition since 2010, and has been wracked by feuding between centrists and left-wingers since the veteran socialist Corbyn was unexpectedly elected leader in 2015.

Asked what success would look like in Scotland where Labour had just one MP, Ms Dugdale said: "I am not going to put a number on it because I haven't produced a list of target seats". But I don't see Labour winning.

Labour hit back accusing the Conservatives of peddling "false claims" in order to divert attention from their own record on the economy.

There was confusion over whether Labour's manifesto was committing the party to ending the freeze on benefits.

Labour's manifesto - published on Tuesday - did not set out how plans to nationalise the national grid and the water industry would be funded.

TEAMING UP JME and Jeremy Corbyn
TEAMING UP JME and Jeremy Corbyn

"But I tell you there's an enthusiasm out there, we've got half a million members, the biggest political party in Europe, out there campaigning and Labour MPs right the way across the political spectrum in the Parliamentary Labour Party working together for a Labour government". People like me are always optimistic. things can happen.

But it said it would be achieved by exchanging government bonds for shares in the relevant companies, and since profits now used to pay dividends would be used instead to pay interest on those bonds, they would be "no net cost" to the exchequer. They are due to launch their manifesto today, 24 hours after Theresa May refused to confirm whether she would keep Philip Hammond in his job as chancellor in the event of an election victory.

Len McCluskey, general secretary of the Unite union and one of Jeremy Corbyn's closest allies, has admitted that he does not believe that Labour can win the general election.

Earnings of more than £80,000 would be taxed at 45 percent, while those of over £123,000, or $159,000, would face a 50 percent rate.

The Conservatives' share of voters was steady at 49 percent, but Labour's increased by 8 points from three weeks ago to 34 percent, according to the poll commissioned by the London Evening Standard newspaper.

  • Leroy Wright