Commerce secretary appears to fall asleep during Trump's speech

During their White House talks, Trump praised Abbas, and said he looked forward to working with him to pursue peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says US President Donald Trump's recent anti-Tehran remarks were aimed at "milking" Saudi Arabia.

Much of central and southern Jerusalem was shut down to allow the presidential motorcade of around 60 vehicles to make its way from Trump's hotel to the town, just eight km (five miles) to the south.

Speaking alongside Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Mr Trump was referencing revelations that he divulged classified information about an Islamic State threat during a recent meeting in Washington with Russia's foreign minister and ambassador.

Later on Tuesday, President Trump will return to Jerusalem to visit the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial and give a speech at the Israel Museum before wrapping up his two-day visit.

After holding meetings with the Saudi King and Gulf Sheikhs, President Trump has called for unity across the Muslim world in the fight against terrorism.

President trump addressed the leaders of 50 Muslim-majority countries, telling them they must take the lead in the fight against extremist groups like ISIS.

Donald Trump has said the people responsible for the suicide bombing in Manchester are "evil losers".

President Donald Trump has declared in the past that finding a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is "maybe not as hard as people have thought".

Standing alongside Trump, Abbas, 82 and in the 12th year of his original five-year term, said he was determined to deliver an agreement for all Palestinians, although he did not provide any substance on how such an objective could be achieved.

The donation raised some eyebrows, since candidate Trump regularly excoriated the Clinton Foundation for accepting donations from repressive Middle East regimes such as Saudi Arabia. He said both sides are ready to resume talks.

However, obstacles have emerged that may complicate the relationship between the White House and Israel.

"He's saying, 'Forget all of that, I'm telling you right now, our No. 1 concern is putting these guys down, and however we can work together to make that happen, that's great, ' " O'Connell said.

"But we need two willing parties", he said then. "The Arab world will not accept a regional agreement or normalization with Israel without solving the conflict between us and the Palestinians, period". "It is a choice between two futures - and it is a choice America can not make for you".

And Mr Trump made one symbolic gesture on Monday in bridging the gap between Israel and the Arab world. It should try on the other hand to act as a bridge between Saudi Arabia and Iran undeterred by discouragements.

  • Leroy Wright