$15 Ring, NASA Moon Bag To Score Big Fortunes At Auction

Now, an auction that's just as singular.

Sotheby's NY is offering the bag for auction.

The bag's new owner sent it to NASA where they found it came from the Apollo 11 mission and used by Neil Armstrong himself!

Years later, the bag turned up on an auction website and was bought, along with some other items, for $995 dollars by Nancy Lee Carlson. That's where the situation got complicated because upon examining the bag, JSC officials realized it was the one used on the Apollo 11 mission, still with the gray dust from the surface of the moon still ingrained in the fabric.

Sotheby's, the renowned brokers for collectables and art, will be offering the moon-dust stained, lunar sample pouch as part of its space history-themed sale. And now it is slated to go on the auction block again, at Sotheby's this time, where it is expected to fetch between $2 million to $4 million. But then the agency tried to confiscate the bag as the property of the government.

"This seemingly modest bag. played a crucial role in the most important scientific task of the Apollo 11 mission - to bring back the first sample of lunar material ever collected".

NASA confirmed it was real moon dust and refused to give it back, saying they made a mistake.

NASA put out a statement after the ruling: "This artifact, we believe, belongs to the American people and should be on display for the public, which is where it was before all of these unfortunate events occurred".

"This is like the Holy Grail", Carlson told the Tribune in March.

Carlson went to court over the matter and won.

Carlson plans to donate a portion of the sale proceeds to charity and to establish a scholarship at her alma mater, Northern Michigan University, Reuters reports. NASA said the bag did indeed have traces of the moon's dark gray powder.

  • Carolyn Briggs