Trump calls for international isolation of Iran

Rather than painting Islam as an apparent enemy of the USA, as Trump did during the presidential campaign, he will depict the Muslim world as an important partner. The television chain said that it is the world's first centre of its kind.

"This is not a battle between different faiths, different sects or different civilizations", Trump said in Riyadh during an Arab Islamic American Summit of leaders of more than 50 Muslim nations.

Washington is leading a coalition battling IS, a Sunni Muslim jihadist organisation, in Syria and Iraq, and Trump said he would hold a press conference "in about two weeks" on how the United States is faring in the battle.

Trump, however, called upon the Middle East and Muslim countries to do their bit to defeat terrorism. In his speech, Trump said the agreements will "create many hundreds of thousands of jobs in America and Saudi Arabia".

"The past four American presidents, two Republicans and two Democrats, made their first trips to either Mexico and Canada, countries that are close trading partners, close allies, compatible democracies and of course neighbors", she said.

"We are not here to lecture - we are not here to tell other people how to live... or how to worship".

David Friedman, the new United States ambassador to Israel, told the newspaper Israel Hayom that Mr Trump's goal at the start is simply "to begin a discussion that would hopefully lead to peace". "Instead, we are here to offer partnership - based on shared interests and values".

President Donald Trump is beginning his day of meetings with Arab leaders with the King of Bahrain. "And for us that means jobs, and it also means frankly great security back here, which we want".

President Trump is slated to deliver a speech on radical Islam in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, on Sunday.

During the brief meeting, Trump said that he was very pleased to meet Prime Minister Sharif to which the Pakistan Prime Minister responded that the feeling is mutual.

"I agree", the president responded.

Trump even complimented Sisi on his footwear, saying: "Love your shoes".

The address also notably refrains from mentioning democracy and human rights " topics Arab leaders often view as US moralizing " in favor of the more limited goals of peace and stability.

To drain that swamp, Trump will also emphasize some of the same tools President Obama did.

Trump referred to Sisi as "my friend" and Sisi said the USA president was a "unique personality" and "capable of doing the impossible", to which Trump responded: "I agree!"

"Today I met with Saudi Arabian women leaders and learned directly of their accomplishments, challenges and vision for the future", she tweeted about the meeting, held during a visit to Saudi Arabia with her father and USA delegation.

Some Democrats have sharply criticized that the weapons sales.

"That was a tremendous day", Trump said shortly after signing the arms deal.

Mr Trump arrives after spending two days in the nation that is home to Islam's holiest sites, having brokered the arms contract and business deals with Saudi officials while also trying to strengthen relations with several other Arab nations.

  • Salvatore Jensen