Tom Holland Reveals New Standee For Spider-Man: Homecoming

If you're familiar at all with Uncharted, you've probably noticed that Holland is quite a bit younger than Nathan Drake as he's portrayed in most of the games. Hopefully, this Uncharted film will buck expectations and be a great movie-going experience.

Deadline is reporting that Tom Holland, star of Spider-Man: Homecoming and the current big screen Spider-Man, has been cast to play Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie that's now in development. In these scenes the young treasure hunter meets Victor Sullivan for the first time.

Drake tries to steal Sully's wallet but is caught and it's then that the pair's relationship really begins.

With little over a month to go until release, CBM has now unearthed a piece of concept art that visualizes The Shocker in action, while there's also a peek at the film's official standee courtesy of Tom Holland's Instagram feed. Sony is reportedly seeking a new writer to pen the young Nathan Drake\u0027s story as he grows into the charismatic thief that we all know and love.

While the first Uncharted video game kicks-off with Drake as an adult, this big-screen adaptation will actually serve as the prequel to that story and introduce a teenage incarnation of the character.

Sony Pictures, which owns the film rights to Uncharted, has been trying to get a film version off the ground for years. Films adapted from video games don't have the best reputation in Hollywood, and with Sony's troubles in the past, it makes sense that they would not rush into production on Uncharted.

Young Nate as he appeared in the PS3 video game Uncharted 3. Sound off in the comments section.

  • Salvatore Jensen