Texas revives transgender 'bathroom bill' for public schools

For the entirety of the 85th session, Strauss has denounced any and all efforts to approve a bathroom bill, despite Patrick's and Gov. Greg Abbott's insistence that these proposed laws would protect Texas' cisgender women and children from sexual predators. However, this bill will only be applicable to public and charter schools in the state.

The property tax changes, which mainly pertain to notification requirements and how appraisal boards are set up, had been part of Senate Bill 2.

The bill passed with 91 in favor of the legislation and 50 against it. "I believe this amendment will allow us to avoid the severely negative impact of Senate Bill 6", Straus said in a statement, referring to the contentious so-called "bathroom bill".

"We're feeling like making trouble today", said Rep. Gina Hinojosa, D-Austin, and one of the men's room visitors. America has long recognized that separate but equal is not equal at all. Joan Huffman, R-Houston, SB 24 says a government can not "compel the production or disclosure of a written copy or audio or video recording of a sermon delivered by a religious leader during religious worship. or compel the religious leader to testify regarding the sermon".

State Rep. Chris Paddie of Marshall, the Republican who wrote the amendment, said it is "absolutely about child safety. about accommodating all kids", the AP reports. Under it, transgender students would not be permitted to use their chosen bathroom but could be directed to separate, single-occupancy restrooms. The law also specifically states that it doesn't authorize the school district to "disclose intimate details about a student". Opponents also warn that passage would be greeted by boycotts, endangering the state's economy. The measure has been opposed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas and LGBT advocacy groups.

"It's about increasing capacity, it's about providing homes for kids", Lucio said. "If he does succeed in forcing discrimination into Texas law, you can bet that Lambda Legal will be on the case before the next school bell rings". The Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) termed Sunday's vote "a common sense solution".

"The language captures in law a solution many districts already use locally, seeking a balance between ensuring privacy and security for all students and respecting the dignity of all students", Campbell said.

The language in the amendment is narrower than versions previously proposed in Texas. Either you discriminate, or you don't.

The "bathroom bill" proposal, which would affect public schools, was introduced as an amendment to a bill about emergency procedures at schools.

  • Zachary Reyes