SC jobless rate falls to 4.3 percent

Almost 3,200 new private-sector jobs were added in Southwest Florida between April 2016 and last month, Gov. Rick Scott announced Friday.

The jobless rate in Orange County and Seminole County dropped to 3.5 percent, also a 10-year low, and lower than the March rate of 3.8 percent.

Over the year, Kansas lost 2,500 seasonally adjusted total nonfarm jobs.

The unemployment rate in Metro Orlando was 3.6 percent, down 0.7 percentage point from one year ago. The Pensacola area had 5,089 job openings in April, including 1,440 openings for high-skill, high-wage STEM occupations.

Employers with the most job ads in April included the Napa Valley Unified School District, Auberge du Soleil, Wyndham Worldwide, St. Helena Hospital, Silverado Resort and Spa and Las Alcobas.

Just when you thought Weld County's unemployment rate couldn't drop any lower, it did.

Those drops coincided with Florida's unemployment figure, which ticked down to 4.5 percent, the lowest since September 2007.

A separate survey of state residents suggested employment increased by 17,100 in April to nearly 3.05 million.

Economist Don Klepper-Smith said the April jobs numbers were disappointing in comparison with a gain of 211,000 jobs in the USA economy.

"For the fourth month in a row, Arkansas' unemployment rate has declined to record setting lows", BLS Program Operations Manager Susan Price said in a news release.

In Orange County, where seasonally adjusted numbers were not available, the unemployment rate was 3.3 percent, down from 3.7 percent in March.

That CPI increase reflects an increase in core inflation that went up by 2.5 percent in April, Loh said. Employment was up by 14,832, while the number of unemployed increased by 2,450. "These growth rates are around 2.5 to 3 percent". About 20 percent of those who are marked as unemployed are job leavers, he said, which is a normal percentage. "These job gains, coupled with large increases to the labor force and a low unemployment rate, are signs of a strong economy in the commonwealth". Construction and mining and logging were both unchanged. The state's labor force participation rate rose slightly to 64.6 percent, which remains higher than the national rate of 62.9 percent, according to the DWD. Rates declined over the year in all counties.

  • Leroy Wright