Randy Orton Expected To Look Strong At WWE Backlash Sunday

The title going to someone else would allow the WWE to see who can join the diminishing list of main event level superstars. Off all the matches on tonight's card, this is, by far, the most predictable one. However, because many WWE fans might view Backlash as "a $9.99 event", there is less pressure to deliver and the company is confident enough to experiment more with their matches.

That's it for our Backlash preview.do check back here for our review of Backlash on Tuesday, May 23. Not every match on the card I saw in 2004 was great.

The best moment of the match though is the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin, which sends the fans into the raptures. We'll find out soon. Taking that into considertation, I'm going to go with. Sure, he can have acceptable matches but he's not championship material or even close to Randy Orton's league. And it is not as if Mahal was a mainstay of the midcard who was handed a big opportunity to finally take the next step. There was the barbed wire table, barbed wire baseball bat, thumb tacks, and off the ramp spots. It's hard to say what the finish could be because if the match is good, why not prolong this feud? Both men are extremely fast and agile for their size. Jinder Mahal defeating Randy Orton would be a changing of the guard. Don't much are who wins this one but I'll have to go with the bad girls.

Jericho mentions that Mahal appeared to come out of nowhere to become the new number one contender for the WWE Championship. AJ Styles came out on top. And last week on SmackDown Live, when Jinder Mahal had a match against AJ Styles, the Singh Brothers watched at ringside, attempting to get involved in the action and distract Styles.

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has always been quite popular in India, but the lack of Indian wrestlers hindered its growth in the country. While Dean was not victorious, he did manage to leave a lasting impression inside the ring that night. This is the same championship AJ Styles and John Cena spent the last third of 2016 elevating with their fantastic feud, making it the most prestigious belt in WWE by far. Angered, Nakamura proceeded to viciously knee Ziggler in various ways, ending with his Kinshasa knee strike, finishing Ziggler off. Chris Jericho is by far one of my all time favourite performers, and while many have their opinions of Chris Benoit for obvious reasons, I still can not take anything away from the in ring performances Benoit managed to deliver during his time in pro wrestling. As it's the pre-show slot, it won't be a squash this time.

Welp. It's time for the most 2017 moment of 2017.

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As a top performer in WWE, you don't lose that often.

In terms of pure talent, this is the most loaded roster in WWE history. Hot off of his World Championship win at Wrestlemania Chris Benoit was placed in a triple threat match in front of his hometown of Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

This will be a great match.

  • Arturo Norris