Police search in Mumbai address of man held in Pakistan

He also rejected any link between Jindal's visit and the Jadhav case.

In a supposed confession video released by Pakistani media and widely circulated in early weeks of April in the country's news media, Jadhav "confessed to his sabotage activities" and detailed his "networks with Indian Spy agency RAW".

He said it was wrong to say that Pakistan has been defeated in ICJ and asserted that Pakistan has strong position regarding merit and jurisdiction of the case.

"No country compromises on security issues".

"It is irresponsible to do point scoring on the Kulbhushan Jadhav case", he said. "Terrorism can not be condoned under any circumstances", he added.

The UN's highest judicial body also asked Pakistan to take "all measures" to ensure that Jadhav, sentenced to death by a Pakistani military court for alleged espionage, was not executed till the court had delivered its final verdict on the issue.

Senate Standing Committee on Interior has urged the government to give in-camera briefing to the committee regarding details about the Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav submitted in the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

India had appealed to the ICJ on 8 May after Pakistan ignored its request for consular access to the former navyman 16 times. The court went by this argument and stayed the death sentence.

He added that taking the case to the Hague has opened the avenue for Pakistan to bring before the global court the Kashmir dispute which awaits implementation of the famous Security Council resolution demanding a plebiscite in Kashmir. As TOIhad said in a report on May 14, the agreement can not be presented before any UN organ as it is yet to be registered with the UN Secretariat in keeping with Article 102 of the UN Charter.

Pakistan foreign office spokesman Nafees Zakaria said India had been "trying to hide its real face" by taking the case of Jadhav to the ICJ. Following the ICJ staying Jadhav's execution, prominent Pakistani figures, including Opposition figures like Imran Khan, have questioned the Nawaz Sharif-led government over the issue.

The resolution moved in the Punjab Assembly said, "The ICJ's decision is a well-planned conspiracy and interference in Pakistan's internal affairs".

  • Leroy Wright