NZ impacted by passport system outage

More than three hours later the problem was resolved, with the system "back up and running" in New Zealand.

A Sydney Airport spokeswoman said some airlines were manually checking in passengers. Sydney Airport - Australia's busiest - has queues of hundreds of passengers waiting to move through customs and immigration to board their departing flights, which are themselves delayed due to the issue.

Melbourne Airport's head of communications Grant Smith said outage hit the Advanced Passenger Processing system, which is used during check-in to see if passengers are allowed to travel to their destinations.

Some airlines have reverted to manual check in process to get the lines moving, but Sydney Airport told The Australian Financial Review that there was no indication yet of when the systems would be back up online.

A passport security system outage at Sydney and Melbourne global airports is causing huge delays for passengers trying to fly overseas.

Melbourne and Brisbane global airports were also believed to have been affected.

People flying internationally were advised to contact their airline to check the status of their service. Huge queues at Melbourne airport.

Passenger Chris Walker-Bush tweeted his frustration earlier on Monday.

In a statement, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection said it was "aware of an external system outage with the Society International Telecommunications Aeronautiques (SITA) system".

"This facilitates a more streamlined border clearance process for travellers and enhances the Australian government's ability to target security concerns", it states on the department's website.

  • Zachary Reyes