Nine claims Cassie worked as a sex worker

Cassie Sainsbury has released new claims revealing she was forced to act as a drug mule after an worldwide drug syndicate threatened to hurt her family.

The 22-year-old Adelaide woman is accused of lying and deceit, including scamming money from co-workers at Club 220 to pay for the funeral of her mother, who Sainsbury claimed had died in a private hospital after suffering from multiple sclerosis.

He said the itinerary was changed at the last minute before Sainsbury met a mystery man, who showed her pictures of her family and fiance and made threats in Colombia.

"I want to make it clear that the thrust of the 9 News story last night was by no means Cassie worked in a brothel, therefore she's a bad person - the point of the story goes to Cassie's honesty", Costello explained on 3AW.

The wedding date was set for February 10 next year, apparently discussing what gifts they would buy their bridal party before Sainsbury took off for her latest trip.

Sainsbury is being held at a Bogota prison, after 5.8kg of cocaine were allegedly found inside 18 headphone cases inside her luggage at El Dorado International Airport in April.

The 60 Minutes program also revealed the personal trainer spent five months previous year allegedly working as a sex worker at western Sydney brothel, Club 220.

Cassie had allegedly been operating as a FIFO (fly in, fly out) worker commuting from Adelaide to work at the Sydney brothel.

When a personal training business she set up in Adelaide's Yorke Town failed past year, Sainsbury then told Broadbridge she had been given a job in the cleaning company she said was owned by her uncle. I just don't honestly believe that she was naive.

Broadbridge and Sainsbury's mother and sister did manage to visit the prison, with Lisa Evans happy at seeing her "beautiful, beautiful" daughter. I believe she was aware of what she was doing, ' he said.

"She's 100 per cent innocent".

"I would like to ask him, but I don't see that happening with everything that's going on", she said.

During filming with 60 Minutes, Lisa and Khala were finally approved a visitation with Ms Sainsbury - their first face-to-face conversation since she was charged.

Her father Stuart agreed, saying his daughter's story did not stack up.

"I have suspicions about a lot of people".

Mr Herron told 60 Minutes Ms Sainsbury had got into financial strife with her gym business in Australia. Yet her uncle, Neil Sainsbury, denied he had ever employed his niece - or even owned a cleaning business.

"Yes, it's unsafe but like any part of the world you make your own luck", she told Bartlett. "And I still believe it to this day", Lisa said.

Ms Sainsbury remains behind bars in El Buen Pastor prison and has reportedly requested to be placed in a Witness Protection Program during the ongoing investigations.

"No, it's not because she's a foreigner, it's because of Cassie's attitude".

Scott Broadbridge spoke on the current affairs programSunday Night and said he was surprised he was a person of interest. "She has to learn to get along with everybody and be silent, and be respectful", the inmate said through a translator.

"I don't know if the business set up her or if it [the cocaine] came straight from Colombia".

But rather than a "poor little Aussie girl set-up with drugs" story, Sainsbury was revealed as a compulsive liar who once worked as a prostitute in a Sydney brothel.

  • Leroy Wright