NASA reveals EMERGENCY space walk at ISS happening TOMORROW

The SpaceX Dragon spacecraft, which will be launched atop the Falcon 9 rocket, will carry and deliver crew supplies, equipment and scientific research to astronauts who live aboard the ISS.

The MDM box is one of two systems that control the functions of radiators, solar arrays, cooling loops and other station hardware.

Now, astronauts have to trade out the data relay box with a spare they have onboard. MDM-1, the failed data relay box, apparently malfunctioned shortly after noon Saturday. Back on March 30th, Whitson and Expedition 50 commander Shane Kimbrough of NASA conducted a spacewalk to install the same MDM with upgraded software tat failed Saturday. Spacewalk preparations and crew readiness was reviewed through the day, and Whitson reported everything to be in order, following which the 201st spacewalk was given a green light.

Foale spent more than a year off Earth, nearly 374 days, on his five shuttle missions and one Russian Soyuz flight, conducting solar observations, servicing and upgrading the Hubble Space Telescope and becoming the only astronaut to live on both the Russian Mir and the International Space Station.

Before the meeting, station commander Peggy Whitson tested a spare MDM box on the station and determined that it's working.

NASA will be streaming the spacewalk on NASA Television, starting 6:30 am (US Eastern Daylight Time) on Tuesday.

A similar MDM replacement spacewalk was conducted in April 2014 by Expedition 39 crewmembers Steve Swanson and Rick Mastracchio.

Apart from these two astronauts, French astronaut Thomas Pesquet and two Russian cosmonauts are also present on ISS.

The current ISS crew consists of three people, namely Russia's Fyodor Yurchikhin and United States astronauts Peggy Whitson and Jack Fischer.

Tomorrow's spacewalk is expected to begin around 8 am EDT (5:30 pm IST) will last about two hours in duration to replace the failed box.

  • Carolyn Briggs