Len McCluskey 'confident' that opinion polls will start to turn for Labour

Kezia Dugdale has rejected the view of union boss Len McCluskey, who said he can not see Labour winning the General Election.

A CAMPAIGN encouraging young people to vote for Jeremy Corbyn is offering tickets to a party for those who register to vote in this years general election. "But I don't see Labour winning".

The union leader told Politico that a Labour victory on 8 June would be "extraordinary" given the state of the party and criticism of it in the media.

The General Election could determine if the United Kingdom continues to exist, Kezia Dugdale warned, as she urged people in Scotland to reject the nationalist politics offered by the SNP and the Conservatives.

Both Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband resigned after leading Labour to defeats in 2010 and 2015 but, amid speculation that jockeying for position has already begun, there have been suggestions that Mr Corbyn could stay on if he equals the 30.4% vote share that Ed Miliband got in 2015.

If Labour were to win 200 seats, that would represent its worst result since 1935.

A YouGov poll on May 12 said 31 per cent would vote Labour.

"Across Scotland, people voted both to remain in the United Kingdom and remain in Europe".

We asked thousands of visitors to our websites who they voted for in the 2015 election and how they meant to vote this time. This is an improvement of six points for the Labour leader compared to the same research from April of this year, with May's support dropping five points - cutting her lead to just 27 points.

Corbyn said his manifesto, which also included scrapping university tuition fees and ending cuts to the National Health Service, was costed and accused the Conservatives of stepping back in time by backing fox hunting and new selective schools. For Labour, these events have also predominantly taken place in safe Labour areas like Manchester and Liverpool, or Tuesday's manifesto launch in Bradford West.

"Jeremy Corbyn's numbers simply don't add up and he can't be trusted to run the economy or negotiate the right deal for Britain".

  • Leroy Wright