Lawbreakers Is Coming to PS4; Will Be Optimized For PS4 Pro

The press release adds that all future content updates will be free, and you can earn cosmetics via the game's Stash-Box system.

Nexon has also released details of the game's revenue mode - about which there has been much speculation - and we rather like what they have come up with.

Presumably he thinks so because of the massive advantage that keyboard-mouse toting PC players playing at unlocked framerates would have over PS4 players, playing with analog controllers, and with a capped framerate.

"With LawBreakers, we wanted to honor the skill-based FPS games of yesteryear, all while embracing the new and pushing the genre in our own unique way", said Bleszinski in the release. We don't want to fragment our playbase with silo'd season pass BS, nor do we want to pollute matchmaking with "pay-to-win" incentives. Please contact for scheduling.

During the interview, it was also confirmed that LawBreakers will be released with a price-point of $29.99 Dollars, with no season passes and no pay-to-win mechanics - all payments in-game will be purely cosmetic additions, with Boss Key emphasising that they intend to keep the gameplay focused on competition and skill.

LawBreakers™ copyright 2017 Boss Key Productions, Inc.

About Nexon America Inc. The company's growing library of titles includes fan-favorites MapleStory, the classic side-scrolling MMORPG, and Vindictus, an action-packed combat MMO. You have people with the DLC, people without the DLC, they can't play together anymore.

LawBreakers, previously known under the code name BlueStreak, is developed by Boss Key Productions and published by Nexon.

  • Carolyn Briggs