Knicks part ways with assistant Josh Longstaff

And apparently nothing has changed, according to the New York Daily News.

The offseason started with Porzingis skipping exit meetings with the team's front office, and continued down a dark path when Porzingis ignored a text from head coach Jeff Hornacek. Assistants come and they go.

While the team's relationship with Porzingis may be reparable, Knicks fans should still be concerned. Now the franchise has extended president Phil Jackson's contract and fired Longstaff, who is tight with the budding Latvian star. Prigioni figures to step in as a developmental-type, similar to Longstaff, who worked under Scott Brooks at Oklahoma City before joining Fisher.

In his time with the Knicks, Josh Longstaff was credited with helping develop Lance Thomas, Langston Galloway, Willy Hernangomez and Ron Baker.

Nevertheless, the decision to part ways with Longstaff is being poorly received in the Knicks community. The Knicks now have the three assistants that Hornacek brought in - Jerry Sichting, Corey Gaines and Howard Eisley, Jackson's holdover Kurt Rambis and Bliss, who came with Derek Fisher from Oklahoma City.

It prompted teams to call NY and ask if he was available for trade, though nothing of note actually arose from any of those calls. Now, he has sent a middle finger to Porzingis by firing his favorite assistant. For Porzingis, a trade is out of the question. The burden is now exclusively on Phil Jackson to be the adult and bridge the gap between him and Latvia.

Porzingis and Longstaff are so close, that New York's young stud reportedly requested for him to serve as an assistant on the Latvian national team this summer at the European Championships.

There is no doubt that Phil Jackson sent a message to the Porzingis' camp in the firing of Josh Longstaff. While it may not have gotten to that point yet, the two parties are still at odds. Don't you want free points, Phil? Whatever his reasons, they aren't worth further angering the foundation of the Knicks' future.

  • Julie Sanders