Jason Chaffetz will resign from Congress in June

Rep. Jim Jordan (R., Ohio) ran for committee chairman against Mr. Chaffetz in 2014.

Chaffetz says he's skeptical about the report about the Comey memos but was concerned enough to launch the probe.

Members of key congressional committees are pledging to proceed with aggressive investigations into Russia's meddling into the US presidential election, including why former FBI director James Comey was ousted from his job. Chaffetz later said that the negative reception was the result of "paid protesters".

A Chaffetz spokesperson later explained the somewhat odd tweet, saying that they are having trouble finding Comey.

Jason Chaffetz says he will resign from Congress on June 30, raising questions about the probe of President Donald Trump's ties to Russian Federation.

At a town hall in February, Chaffetz faced angry voters who booed and shouted "Do your job!" in videos that quickly went viral.

Legislators want to hash out the rules of a replacement election in a special session.

Chaffetz says the reality of having spent more than 1,500 nights away from his family over eight years has hit him harder than before. "But that is the truth".

"I think the Clinton email investigation is still not complete, and it is of such importance to the nation", he says.

"One of my biggest complaints with politics in general is that people play favorites depending on their party", said Carlson, of Provo.

"I hope whoever replaces me will do even better", Chaffetz said in his letter to constituents today.

The announcement by Chaffetz, 50, was the latest upending of the Republican-controlled congressional investigations into Trump. His father's first wife later married former MA governor Michael Dukakis.

That may mean Chaffetz's last major role in Congress is looking into whether President Donald Trump tried to interfere in an FBI investigation.

Prior to his time in office, he worked in communications for more than a decade and served as campaign manager for former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, Jr. "No matter who is in the White House, you can not have the type of leaking of information, sources, methods, classified information", he said. The Secret Service Director Joseph P. Clancy eventually apologized publicly to Chaffetz because dozens of his agents looked into Chaffetz's 2003 job application with the agency to dig up dirt on the congressman.

Leaders of the House oversight committee, Republican Jason Chaffetz and Democrat Elijah Cummings, said they would seek to subpoena any notes of meetings between Comey and Trump.

  • Leroy Wright