ESL To Stream 1500 Hours Of Exclusive Esports Content On Facebook Live

In addition to Counter-Strike, other content that will be streamed includes all ESL One and Intel Extreme Masters events where it will be made available in several different languages, such as English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, and German.

ESL, the most popular eSports company, hosts popular online tournaments through partnerships with some of the biggest gaming publishers and distributors in the world like Blizzard Entertainment and Valve.

To be more specific, Facebook will be streaming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive games. Still, deals it has penned in the past haven't really matched the scale of this one with ESL. Of the 5,500 hours ESL has agreed to stream on Facebook, only 1,500 will be exclusive, meaning that ESL is free to stream the remaining 4,000 hours on more established platforms like Twitch.

However, the deals don't preclude ESL from also streaming to rival networks like Twitch, Twitter, or YouTube.

With over 1.94 billion monthly active users on Facebook, this is a huge step toward expanding the reach of esports among mainstream audience.
"Last year, ESL content generated over 2 billion impressions and reached over 200 million users on Facebook globally".

ESEA is ESL's subscription-based platform for amateur, semi-professional and professional CS:GO players.

There will be at least 30 hours of CS: Go live streaming, part of ESL's RankS competition that will see 300 gamers from North America and Europe vying for a cut of the US$40,000 prize money ESL pays out each month.

The news came after Facebook announced a tie-up with Major League Baseball (MLB) earlier this week to livestream 20 regular season games on the social network.

Even though ESL has been able to build a rather large audience streaming through Twitch, Facebook has a userbase that the organization can't ignore.

  • Carolyn Briggs