China releases list of achievements from Belt and Road Forum

We always want India to participate in the Belt and Road initiative.

All roads will effectively lead to Beijing, as The Australian newspaper noted, with new infrastructure linking China to its neighbours and beyond built by Chinese companies using Chinese loan capital.

In a statement to India Today on Monday, China similarly said that "the worldwide community's support speaks volumes" as it dismissed the concerns voiced by India's Ministry of External Affairs in a statement on the eve of the summit, which in addition to India's concerns on the CPEC also questioned the wider principles underpinning OBOR, stating that "connectivity initiatives must be based on universally recognised global norms, good governance, rule of law, openness, transparency and equality" and "avoid projects that would create unsustainable debt burden for communities".

Xi jinping at the BRF summit. It's instigating an infrastructure-building boom across Central Asia up to Europe to boost trade and improve transport logistics. We appreciate the tremendous efforts of all involved and recognise the clear the leadership that China has shown to develop this key initiative. The government claims the project infringes on India's sovereignty as part of the project passes through the disputed Kashmir region and Pakistan. "We are awaiting a response from the Chinese side".

Xi made the remarks when meeting with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni after the two-day Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation ended on Monday in Beijing. In fact, this is why India can afford to keep Beijing waiting, observers said.

The Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation opened on May 14, where Xi Jinping, president of the People's Republic of China, gave an opening speech.

An India-Japan partnership to develop the 'Mekong-India Economic Corridor (MIEC)' connecting the Kenya-Tanzania-Mozambique (KTM) growth zone through Jawaharlal Nehru and Kochi ports, will open up new vistas of Africa-Asia connectivity and help unlock Africa's true economic potential, say experts.

"Trade is the important engine of economic development", Mr Xi said at a summit of world leaders in Beijing.

"In my meetings with President Xi [Jinping], Premier Li [Keqiang] and other leaders, we exchanged views on the global economy, how to strengthen cooperation to tackle global challenges, and the role of the International Monetary Fund in supporting its member countries", Lagarde stated in a release.

Despite Chinese insistence that the project is purely commercial, economists and diplomats see it as a way to impose Chinese economic hegemony on the Eastern hemisphere.

Even Vietnam, which has had rough ties with China, was represented by its President.

  • Leroy Wright