Amazon is preparing to launch checkout-free supermarkets in the UK

Amazon has initiated what the first steps of taking its revolutionary Go stores to the United Kingdom by trademarking their "No Lines, No Checkouts (No, Seriously)" slogan with the UK's Intellectual Property Office.

An Amazon Go store in Seattle.Matt Weinberger/Business InsiderAmazon has trademarked the slogan "No Lines".

Amazon Go has applied to trademark its 'No queue.

So far Amazon Go is limited to the United States, but it seems that there are now plans to expand it to the UK. The store, now still in testing mode, uses sensor and smartphone technology to eliminate the need to pay at the till. "No Checkout. (No Seriously.)" had been approved in the United Kingdom, after being filed on May 11 by Amazon. These are pretty much the slogans Amazon has used to promote Amazon Go in its YouTube videos, so it is clear what they are meant for.

Amazon Go has not checkouts, when you place an item in your basket it is charged to your Amazon account, then when you out that item back on the shelf, the charge is taken off your account.

Since the beta launch, speculation has been rife over Amazon launching the same format in the United Kingdom, and The Times reported it was looking for "about two dozen sites" in London in February. As previously reported by Post&Parcel, the futuristic shop has no checkouts and instead uses sensors and other technologies to log customers' shopping items.

  • Zachary Reyes