Alleged iPhone Molds Compare iPhone 8 Against 7s, 7s Plus Models

For 3D Touch solution used in existing iPhone series, TPK and fellow maker General Interface Solution (GIS) quote US$7-9 per smartphone. Therefore, TPK and GIS are expected to significantly benefit from Apple's orders for OLED-based 3D Touch solution. After all, OLED panels are far more power efficient - and offer improvements to colour gamut and dynamic range - over conventional LCD displays.

It's been previously reported that Apple is planning to embed its Touch ID sensor beneath the iPhone 8's OLED display.

The most expensive iPhone in Apple's current lineup is the 256GB iPhone 7 Plus which sells for $969. The smartphone will finally feature an OLED screen, welcoming Apple to the new age. The mold in the center is the one for the so-called iPhone 8, and it reveals a device size that's much, much closer to the iPhone 7s on the right, with the left being the iPhone 7s Plus.

Apple's iPhone 8 is rumored to come with a glass body and a stainless steel frame.

Numerous reports over the past few weeks have predicted that Apple's iPhone 8 would see a delay in shipments due to problems in the production of some of the device's specific components. With this in mind, the September 2017 release date for the iPhone 8 definitely appears to be entirely plausible. For its size, in comparison with the predecessors, it is approximately 5.7 inches. However, JPMorgan analysts believe that the OLED display on the iPhone 8 will only be edge-to-edge horizontally leaving some room for slim bezels on the top and bottom. Tim Cook must either pay more for the components of the iPhone or risk a delayed launch of the iPhone 8 by waiting for a longer time for the components. Instead, it is only slightly bigger than the iPhone 7s. If a recent Morgan Stanley report is any indication, the alleged production problems with the iPhone 8 components are rather inaccurate. The two are expected to only have some incremental upgrades from the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

  • Arturo Norris