Woman Burned by Starbucks Coffee Wins $100000 in Court

In the United States, the woman sued for compensation of 100 thousand dollars after burned by hot coffee in Starbucks, reports USA Today.

A woman who suffered severe burns after a lid popped off her 20-ounce Venti Pike Place Roast in a Starbucks drive-thru has been awarded $100,000 by a jury in Florida.

Joanne Mogavero's lawsuit said that she drove through the Starbucks at the River City Marketplace in July 2014.

According to defense lawyers, Joanne Mogavero, a 43-year-old mother of three, had received a cup of coffee from a barista and was attempting to hand it to a passenger when the lid popped off. The slip led to the scalding, 190-degree beverage to pour on her lap, her attorneys said in a statement. She suffered permanent scarring. Despite this amount, they said it "would not be relevant" to warn customers of this risk, Mogavero's lawyers said. "It was good to see a just result".

A jury awarded Mogavero $15,000 to cover her medical bills and an additional $85,000 for pain and disfigurement. Starbucks said it was considering an appeal, adding that the company stands behind its employees, maintaining "that they did nothing wrong".

One of Starbucks' representatives had also testified during a court hearing in Duval County, Florida, that the company receives at least 80 complaints a month regarding the lids popping or leaking, Mogavero's legal team said in a statement. The judge denied the company's request and let the case go to trial, and a jury disagreed with Starbucks, finding that the company bore 80 percent of the responsibility for the spill.

  • Zachary Reyes