US Special Unit to Spy on N.Korea

North Korea has detained a USA citizen on suspicion of "hostile acts" aimed at overthrowing the regime, just weeks after another American was arrested on similar charges, state-run media reported on Sunday.

China is believed to have already informed North Korea of the US proposals, the paper continued.

The reported detention comes as tensions on the Korean peninsula run high, driven by harsh rhetoric from Pyongyang and Washington over the North's pursuit of nuclear weapons in response to what it says is a threat of US -instigated war.

"The relevant authority is now carrying out a detailed investigation into the crime of Kim Hak-song", the state-run news agency said.

"It would be stating the obvious to say Pyongyang uses US detainees as pawns against Washington", Lee told The Japan Times. It said he was "intercepted for committing criminal acts" to overthrow the North's government, but didn't elaborate. He was caught, tried, and sentenced to 15 years of hard labor.

North Korea will carry out the sixth nuclear test at the time and place of its leader Kim Jong Un's choosing, the country's Ambassador to the United Kingdom Choe Il said in an interview with Sky News.

The family and colleagues of Song were shocked about his arrest, as they said that Song actually refers North Korea as his "own country".

And Kim Dong Chul, the president of a company involved in worldwide trade and hotel services, was arrested in 2015 and is serving 10 years on espionage charges.

There are no diplomatic relations between the United States and North Korea.

Although Donald Trump tweeted during the campaign that similar detentions would not happen if he became president, Kim Hak-song is the second American to be detained in the largely isolated North Korea since Trump's inauguration.

One other of the four Americans detained, Kim Sang-duk, also taught at PUST.

The university's co-founder Chan-Mo Park said Kim, who manages the school's experimental farm at the college of agriculture and life sciences, was detained on route by train from Pyongyang to China's border town of Dandong.

CNN reported that Kim Hak-song, the latest US citizen under arrest, was born in Jilin, China, and educated at a university in California.

Rice, who's out with a new book, "Democracy: Stories from the Long Road to Freedom", said that despite Mr. Trump's comment last week that he could meet with Kim in person, she said the US president can't do that. She insisted that he did not engage in missionary work in fiercely atheistic North Korea.

"North Korea continues to launch missiles, develop its nuclear weapons program and engage in threatening rhetoric and behavior".

In the 1990s, North Korea suffered from a starvation that was estimated to have led to the deaths of some 2.5 million people.

Kim Sang Dok, the former accounting instructor at the Pyongyang university, was arrested at the Pyongyang International Airport on April 22, the KCNA said. Pyongyang has conducted a live artillery firing drill in response, warning the USA and its regional allies against any invasion.

  • Zachary Reyes