Paul Ryan says he's confident tax reform will be done this year

Speaker Paul Ryan committed the House Wednesday to "follow the facts wherever they may lead" in response to a growing briar patch of allegations against the Trump White House, including a report that the president discouraged James Comey from continuing an investigation of former national security advisor Michael Flynn. He says there is "clearly a lot of politics being played". Comey wrote the memo after his meeting with the president, according to reports.

The request came after The New York Times revealed on Tuesday the existence of a memo Comey had written showing Trump's attempt to obstruct the FBI's Russian Federation investigation.

"It is obvious there are some people out there who want to harm the president", he said at the Wednesday press conference.

This admission, combined with Tuesday's news of possible evidence Trump attempted to stop the investigation before firing Comey, has turned the story on its ear. Castigating them for a "lack of action", the Democrats demanded Comey's memos, an immediate public hearing with the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director and a vote on a motion to subpoena the White House to produce documents related Flynn.

Asked by a reporter when he anticipated turning on Trump, Ryan dismissed that as a hypothetical question, adding, "There is no timetable for my inevitable betrayal of him".

In other words: You may want to think that the media is asking this stuff just to annoy you or to manufacture drama to get clicks, but that's not why we're asking about Russian Federation. Hours after Ryan's announcement, the committee's chairman, Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, tweeted that he has already scheduled a public hearing for next week into the matter and will ask Comey to testify.

Ryan said he supports the House committee's request for the Comey memos.

Ryan took head-on questions about the evolving scandals coming out of the White House but said it won't distract Republicans from "doing our jobs".

He stressed that there were two Congressional investigations and an FBI investigation, inquiries he wouldn't micromanage or speed up to meet media desire.

Ryan (excerpted from full answer): "Well, yeah, it's always nice to have less drama".

Later he told reporters, "I don't worry about things that are outside my control". He could have said that House Republicans have confidence in their president.

  • Zachary Reyes