May's Conservatives lead Labour by 13 points - Opinium poll

He also said that "10 million pensioners" would be "waking up to the fact that they could lose their winter fuel allowance", after the Conservative manifesto pledged to introduce a means test for the payment.

Mrs May has insisted she is committed to protecting the dignity of Britain's elderly as her plans to cut pensioner benefits and overhaul social care funding came under fire.

Jeremy Corbyn told supporters in the Midlands: Where the Tories look to divide, Labour seeks to bring people together. Why are so many older people being threatened by this Government?

Hasnain, who wants to be a Labour politician when he grows up, said if he was old enough to vote he would definitely back Mr Corbyn.

The revelations come as a Telegraph investigation revealed Corbyn's full links to the IRA, including his support for one of the Balcombe Street gang, who waged a 14-month bombing campaign across south-east England, and his links to the bomb maker believed to have been behind the 1982 Hyde Park and Regents Park attacks. Get on any bus, get on any train, go in any cafe, talk to people.

The Labour leader added: "I think you should understand, what strength is about, it's about your sense of belief about your sense of community about your sense of responsibility when you have responsibilities to carry out, if you're a councillor, an MP, a minister or a prime minister".

"The whole discussion and the whole debate is unravelling from the Tory point of view, because people are saying 'Hang on, why are so many young people in such stress?"

The latest Survation poll puts the Conservatives at 46% and Labour at 34% - a 12 point difference that has closed by five points over a week. Do I live in the Brexit constituency of outer Brussels and is Jeremy Corbyn the Tory candidate I should be voting for?

He posted: "U.K. You've got the guy".

A spokesman for Corbyn said on Friday night: "Jeremy campaigned for peace in Northern Ireland".

The Metropolitan Police's Special Branch reportedly monitored Mr Corbyn at around the same time because of his involvement with anti-racist groups, but it is unclear whether intelligence was shared between the organisations.

  • Joanne Flowers