Kushners get to fly on Air Force One on the Sabbath

President Donald Trump departed for his maiden overseas trip as president amid the controversy surrounding investigations into whether his campaign associates collaborated with Russian Federation to sway the election.

Though it was claimed several times in the past that Ivanka and Jared received rabbinic permission to break Shabbat, the White House has never stated which rabbi gave them the dispensation. Another report from the Washington Post referred to a senior adviser to Trump, but did not name Kushner specifically. Although one could probably come up with a Talmudic pilpul suggesting that since the position of Ivanka and Jared as a counterbalance to, say, White House Chief Strategist Stephen K. Bannon, was vital for the well-being of the presidency, and, by extension, the free world - they shouldn't have been absent from the greatest day in Dad's life.

During last year's presidential campaign and later during the transition, Kushner was identified by Trump's team as the principal point of contact for foreign governments looking to either congratulate the new U.S. leader or begin diplomatic talks.

As the Washington Post reported, the Russian Federation investigation was expected to ramp up in the coming weeks and is still focused on other former Trump associates, including some who played key roles in the 2016 campaign.

Friday's report quoted Trump calling ousted FBI Director James Comey "crazy" and "a real nut job".

The newspaper cited the White House's official written account of the Oval Office meeting. It said the president then told Russia's foreign minister and ambassador that he "faced great pressure because of Russian Federation".

Critics of the Trump-Russia investigation have tended to put it off as an peek into activities of Donald Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, Trump's former National Security Advisor Micheal Flynn, and Trump's former foreign policy adviser Carter Page.

Earlier this year, the White House issued a statement saying Mr Kushner had volunteered to testify before the Senate intelligence committee in relation to its Russian Federation investigation.

No date has been set as yet for Comey's public appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee, but it likely will be next month, the committee said.

  • Leroy Wright