Jeremy Corbyn: Conservatives creating a 'war between generations'

In a speech in Birmingham on Saturday, Corbyn urged Prime Minister Theresa May to cancel the "anti-pensioner package" offered in the Conservative manifesto, which has caused divisions even among her own party members.

A spokesman for the Labour leader said MI5 kept files on "many peace and labour movement campaigners" at the time.

Sophy Ridge pressed Mr Corbyn several times on whether he wanted immigration to go up or down, he said: "I want us to have a society that works and a balance that works and I can not get into numbers games because I don't think it works".

The event is being organized by the Grand Marshal Corbyn's Patriotic Meme Collective - a group which posts pictures in support of Corbyn to encourage young people to vote.

Launching the Conservatives' Scottish manifesto in Edinburgh, Mrs May said she was committed to facing up to the challenge of meeting the care needs of an ageing population while ensuring fairness for younger generations.

The party will be held in Westminster's Red Lion pub, where Mr Corbyn celebrated becoming Labour Party leader in 2015.

The hashtag is a reference to support the Labour leader has picked up from many United Kingdom grime artists, among them Stormzy and AJ Tracey.

The seemingly positive response to numerous Labour party's proposed domestic policies is in stark contrast to the mounting criticism of Theresa May's proposed overhaul of social care funding.

"The message is getting through".

Labour sems to have enjoyed a jump in support after its manifesto launch, gaining eight points in the latest Ipsos MORI/Evening Standard poll.

Mr Corbyn, who has been boosted by two opinion polls showing Labour gaining ground on the Conservatives ahead of the General Election, responded this morning. The last time Labour managed a single-digit deficit in the YouGov series was in September.

The Conservatives had a 46 percent share of the vote while Labour had 34 percent.

"That's why we are calling on the Tories to drop their anti-pensioner package immediately - older people should not be used as a political football".

  • Julie Sanders