Indian PM Narendra Modi lauds Hassan Rouhani's re-election as Iranian president

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani fills in his ballot as he votes during the presidential election in Tehran, Iran, May 19, 2017.

Iranian voters queue at a polling station for the presidential and municipal council election in Tehran on Friday. The former boasted overwhelming support among the young and the urban elite, the latter garnered votes from the rural working class that the Establishment's economic reforms had left behind. Millions of Iranians vo.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has secured the necessary majority in Friday's election, defeating his conservative rival, Ebrahim Raisi, according to the country's Interior Minister.

Thousands of people gathered in central Tehran to celebrate Rouhani's victory.

Earlier, Iran's Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani-Fazli said the incumbent President of Iran has won Friday's presidential election.

More than 41.2 million people voted out of 56 million who were eligible to do so.

A big turnout of about 70%, roughly similar to the showing in 2013, appeared to have favoured Mr Rouhani, whose backers' main concern had been apathy among reformist-leaning voters disappointed with the slow pace of change.

Because Iran's two-term presidents are often lame ducks, it's not uncommon for the political system they operate in - especially the portions subject to election - to turn its attention to the next election and undermine the president's interests to suit its own. She says a good deal of Rouhani's support was motivated by fear of what might happen if the hard liners regained control of the executive branch.

The election is the first since the landmark nuclear deal in 2015 that resulted in significant limits on Tehran's most sensitive nuclear activities - which many in the West believed were part of an effort to build atomic weapons - in exchange for sanctions relief. He campaigned on a platform of removing corruption from Iran and is seen as an anti-Western isolationist who doesn't want Iran seeking help from outside countries.

"Great nation of Iran, you are the victor of the election". "I will remain loyal to my promise to you".

Raisi is considered a protege of supreme leader Ali Khamenei and according to reports had the backing of the influential Revolutionary Guards security force.

Raisi's populist campaign vowed to fight corruption and fix the economy while boosting welfare payments to the poor.

In a brief statement issued by Iranian state television, it congratulated Hasan Rouhani for being elected for the second time in a row.

The Tehran Stock Exchange rallied after the election results came out, extending a recent winning streak to close almost 1 percent higher at its highest level in three months.

The election was a victory for moderate and reformist Iranians who have sought an end to their country's worldwide isolation and a relaxation of social restrictions imposed by the conservative mullahs.

  • Leroy Wright