ICJ can not nullify Jadhav's death sentence

"The Court has clearly underscored that the provisional measures are without prejudice to the final determination of the merits and jurisdiction of the case", Ausaf said in a written statement.

The attorney general said the country's defense against India's case before the ICJ was prepared by the government in consultation with all stakeholders, including the military establishment, Geo TV reported.

India had approached the ICJ on May 8 demanding immediate suspension of the death sentence given to its former Navy officer. "By going to the ICJ we may have opened up a Pandora's box".

The worldwide court has not decided on consular access to Jadhav, Aziz said.

Sartaj Aziz further said that India will not succeed in his nefarious designs to hide subversive activities of its Spy Kulbhushan Jadhav. Islamabad could insist on cooperation from India on the investigation into Jadhav's activities, he said. "It's the job of its prime minister to take strict action against terrorism", he said. Directives issued by these world bodies are ignored by some countries, Musharraf said when asked whether Pakistan could have realistically avoided sending a team to the ICJ to defend against India's claim.

Earlier, the law minister said the government would accept the ICJ's decision on Jadhav. "He was sentenced according to the country's law". He added the ICJ had not decided on consular access either and has only intimated that the matter will come under discussion.

"Secret proceedings conducted in darkness are conspiratorial in nature and a denial of consular access emphasises the denial", Jaitley said adding the verdict was vindication of India's stand. An ad hoc judge can also be chosen if the panel includes "no judge of the nationality of the parties", the article also states. But Indian officials, responding to reports that Pakistan wants to "review" the order, dismissed it saying there was no such procedure.

In Article (e) of the declaration, it is clearly written the declaration between Pakistan and United Nations shall not apply to "all matters related to the national security of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan". "We lost important cases at the global forum in the last couple of years".

Senior PPP leader Sherry Rehman had said, "We based our case on jurisdiction and it proved weak".

  • Leroy Wright