Google's New Venture 'Android Go' to hit soon

Android developers have a "huge opportunity" to expand their reach and build their businesses by creating apps with entry-level users in mind, Google said in "The Building for Billions Playbook".

Unveiled during the opening keynote at Google's I/O developer conference running from May 17-19 in Mountain View, Calif., Android Go is a stripped-down version of the OS designed for low-end mobile phones with limited data, connectivity and memory.

Another difference is that for Android One, Google asked phone makers to abide by some rules.

Google said the Assistant will allow users to pay for stuff, but during a later talk regarding Android Pay it also revealed users will soon be allowed to send and receive money via the Assistant.

For instance, we've certainly all heard of and perhaps enjoyed a few weekends playing the "deceptively simple", "insanely fun" and highly addictive Hearthstone collectible card game, selected as this year's top multiplayer Android title.

Netflix stated that it was using Widevine to block rooted devices, but as Android Police showed, the statement didn't really make sense, as it was still functional on rooted devices, but no longer appeared among search results in the Play Store.

The Google Play Store app is one of the most important inbuilt apps that Android devices offer. It will allow you to send money, both inside apps and on websites.

If you are having difficulty installing Google Assistant on your iPhone, follow this step-by-step guide to give Google's AI some space on your Siri-ruled iPhone.

"Which is open the latest?" or "get me directions to the closest one?" will work without additional prompts about the type of restaurant you were referring to.

The Google Home smart speaker will now be able to provide notifications to users based on the relevance of the information, but these will only be visible when prompted by the user directly. This app can do a lot of tasks and can help you in many ways. Interestingly, however, the best new functions that will be available in Android O have nothing to do with Android O.

A famous tool used in many televisions, within the YouTube app on Android and in iOS, Picture-in-picture has now been added to "Android O". We look forward to expanding our working relationship with Google and other innovators in this dynamic market in the years to come to make the smart home a reality for all.

  • Carolyn Briggs