Floyd mum on super fight with McGregor

5 biggest UFC fights McGregor vs Marcus Brimage: McGregor vs Chad Mendes: "Rib-gate" took then UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo out of a UFC 189 title clash with McGregor.

But that's pretty much how most boxing and MMA fans and insiders, including veteran trainer and commentator Teddy Atlas, are feeling about this fight.

The 2015 Mayweather-Pacquiao bout at MGM Grand shattered pay-per-view (4.6 million buys) and live-gate ($72 million) records, with Mayweather getting a 60% cut of the purse compared to Pacquiao's 40%. The boxer is regarded as one of the best in his generation and the UFC champ is certainly taking a big gamble by stepping inside the boxing ring with him, given that he has no experience in boxing.

"I think the fight will happen", Mayweather told journalists after Davis' victory.

He said: "He's a stand up fighter". "I've accomplished everything I want to accomplish, but I guess I have one more obstacle that I have to get over".

White has said the fight could generate a payday of $100 million for Mayweather and $75 million for McGregor. The young boxing star earned her ring name due to her innate shyness, but inside the ring she possesses the complete package accompanied with a long list of honors representing her home country of Great Britain. The fans in the world demand that fight, we have to give the people what they want to see.

White clarified that the undercard would be filled with boxing matches likely tp featire Mayweather Promotions' thin stable of fighters.

Mayweather spoke for half an hour after seeing Davis stop British boxer Liam Walsh in three rounds.

However, with McGregor's son born in May, it is unlikely for the UFC star to choose that date for the fight of his career. speculations about a Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight have been going on for a while.

"I'm over here right now, working, always working", Mayweather said.

"I'm not saying the fight will happen but I got one side done". White will now head to Mayweather's team to try and put the final pieces together so the fight can go through.

American Mayweather, 40, broke his silence on ending his retirement and trying to extend his ideal record to 50-0 against McGregor, who has a UFC record of 21 wins and 3 defeats.

  • Carolyn Briggs