Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal + Trailer

What did you think of the Destiny 2 reveal? Destiny 2's servers and customer service will all be maintained by Bungie, but it'll be integrated into many of Blizz's existing social features like chat, and adding friends or forming parties.

"Destiny 2" is slated to hit gaming markets on September 8 for PS4 and Xbox One, while the release date for the PC version will be revealed soon.

Destiny 2 takes place soon after the events of Destiny. Each day the game is available to the majority of the current userbase and not to the growing PC community will exponentially drive a wedge in early-game appreciation of Destiny 2.

There's a new PvP game mode which is an evolution of Elimination mode. Grimoire cards had previously been used as a part of the Destiny companion app from Bungie during the first game.

These new worlds include the European Dead Zone, Titan, Nessus and Io. There's still a while to go until the game releases on the platform, though, so perhaps the developer can make it up to prospective PC players in that timeframe. A newly-announced revamped clan system is also very inviting to the new, wider audience. That means someone could be mid-adventure on PS4, stop playing, load up their PC version of Destiny 2, and then continue right where they left off. The original Destiny's Crucible featured mostly 6v6 playlists, so this looks like a move to better cater to a more hardcore, potential esports audience.

Activision and Bungie waited until after their Destiny 2 presentation to put out some further details about the PC version.

Destiny 2 will serve as Bungie and Activision's follow up to the first Destiny, which was exclusive to Playstation and Xbox consoles.

Despite all the talk about Guided Games there was no actual information on the new Raid, and the beta was still described only as running "later this summer".

  • Carolyn Briggs