Afghan policemen killed by Taliban

At least 20 policemen were killed in Taliban ambushes in southern Afghanistan, officials said, as security forces sought to dislodge fighters in multiple districts.

A doctor at the provincial hospital in Gardez, who spoke on condition of anonymity as he was not authorized to brief media, said that three killed and at least 30 wounded were brought to the hospital by ambulances.

"Hundreds of Taliban rebels launched coordinated offensives in Shah Joi and Deh Chopan districts in the wee hours of today triggering gun battle and so far several attacking militants and 20 police have been killed", Afghanmal told Xinhua.

Separately on Sunday, Taliban claimed responsibility for a deadly attack on Saturday on a bank in Paktia province, which left at least six people dead, including three attackers.

A foreign woman was shot dead by unknown gunmen in Kabul city late on Saturday night, it has been reported.

Before that, more than 40 people were killed during a Taliban attack on an NKB bank in 2011. Responsibility for the attack while anybody on itself did not take. He said Kabul police have begun an investigation.

A second woman, a Finnish national, is missing, possibly kidnapped, officials said early Sunday. There was no immediate comment from the German foreign ministry.

The guest house was run by a Swedish NGO Operation Mercy, whose director Scott Breslin told local news agency TT that the organisation is holding a crisis meeting.

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  • Leroy Wright