Who Is the Feds' 'Significant Person of Interest' at the White House?

This includes Daily Beast reporter Yashar Ali as well as journalist and former White House staff member Claude Taylor, who both named Jared Kushner as the target.

Kushner's call to the Lockheed CEO was a part of his effort to secure an arms deal worth about $110 billion with Saudi Arabia ahead of the president's official trip to the kingdom Friday. His first destination would be Saudi capital Riyadh, where he will be on a two-day visit.

Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner have been given rabbinical permission to fly on Shabbat with President Donald Trump, Politico reported Thursday night, failing to disclose the identity of the rabbi behind the "heter".

It is unclear how much the Saudis will be paying for THAAD but Trump called it a "billion-dollar system" last month when the United States deployed the advanced missile defense radar to South Korea.

While calling the head of a major defense company and simply asking for a lower price is widely considered an unorthodox negotiation tactic, Kushner's hands-on approach has drawn comparisons to when then-President-elect Trump criticized the stealthy F-35 fighter jet for being too expensive and Hewson gave her "personal commitment" to cut the cost of the program in February.

While it was not yet clear what exactly the Russian Federation investigation would focus on regarding Jared Kushner, reports indicate that it was part of a criminal investigation.

However, it is hard to understand why Saudi Arabia would ever be compelled to pay more to the United States when they keep receiving incredible deals from the Trump administration and the elite corporations allied with the White House.

Many have speculated about reports that Ivanka Trump and Kushner are a moderating influence on the president and questioned whether Trump suffers when Shabbat prevents them from being by his side.

What he won't be bringing up is all the human rights violations going on in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states, and that's something the Gulf states all seem to be counting on, as they continue to ratchet up their crackdown on dissent.

  • Zachary Reyes