Voters in Canada's British Columbia head to polls in dead-heat race

Political scientists say Green Leader Andrew Weaver must carefully stickhandle the power he has while not alienating his own supporters if the results of the election are confirmed in the coming weeks and no party has a majority in the legislature.

Earlier in the day, Clark announced that Lt. -Gov.

Continued rule by the BC Liberals under Clark would largely maintain course, amid some promises to reduce MSP premiums and cap tolls on the Port Mann and Golden Ears bridges.

It appears a single seat may have cost the the B-C Liberals a chance to form a majority government.

A Liberal victory is broadly seen as more friendly for business.

It's also very possible that after the final vote count, the Liberals will gain the seat they need to form a majority.

"I'm on the upside of the roller coaster right now - it's fun", he told reporters after finishing his speech, alluding to the fact that the final result could still change.

"We have been presented with an opportunity by British Columbians to open a whole new dialogue in our province, in our Legislature", Clark said.

But Clark had a different interpretation, saying she reads the results as a plea to the major parties to work together more effectively.

The votes are in, and Christy Clark will remain premier for the time being.

"British Columbians sent a very strong message to all sides of the legislature".

The difference between the Liberals and NDP in the popular vote on Tuesday was about 17,800 votes in favour of Clark's party.

While still short of the four seats needed for official party status, Weaver was pleased with the "first ever Green elected caucus in North America".

"We both believe that the disparity between those who have and those who haven't clearly got out of control". Both Horgan and Clark said on Wednesday that they intend to sit down with Weaver to talk about working together.

He confirmed that he spoke by phone with Horgan and that they agreed the Liberals have failed the province on a range of issues.

Elections BC says absentee ballots won't be counted until May 22, and there may be recounts in some close ridings.

"We're much closer on core issues like the environment", he said about New Democrats and Greens.

"They could enter into a coalition with the Liberals or the NDP, or they could prop up an NDP minority government or prop up a Liberal minority government", Moscrop explained.

"It bodes well for doing politics differently in this province", said Weaver.

"If it's true that British Columbians voted for a change, that must mean, if you're Andrew Weaver, ousting Christy Clark from government", Johnston said Wednesday.

"It's easier to imagine a deal between the Greens and the NDP - not personality wise, but on substance".

New Democrat Leader John Horgan voted at an advance poll.

George Hoberg, professor of environmental and natural resource policy at the University of British Columbia, said the situation could create uncertainties and makes building the project politically hard.

"British Columbians voted today to get big money out of politics". Or he could simply allow the Liberals to govern as a minority government, in which case the Green vote will become crucial to passing key policies.

During the press conference, Weaver also denied taking away exclusively NDP votes during the election.

  • Leroy Wright