Union: Up to 40K walking off the job at AT&T this weekend

AT&T Wireless workers - some 21,000 of them - have given management until Friday, May 19 at 3 p.m. ET to come to the table with "serious proposals that invest in good jobs with a future".

The CWA was involved in a 45-day strike previous year by 40,000 Verizon wireline workers that ended in June. The strike at the nation's largest wireless carrier includes thousands of workers in Pennsylvania and tens of thousands nationwide and follows a warning the union gave the company on Wednesday. The held signs reading "On Strike" as customers went in and out of the store and pedestrians walked by.

Cheektowaga Chronicle observed a handful of employees inside the AT&T store at 4900 Transit Road walk off the job to join over two dozen other striking CWA members outside.

Marty Richter, an AT&T spokesman, said the company was offering the wireless workers wage and pension increases and called the willingness to strike "baffling".

About 40,000 AT&T workers might go on strike this weekend.

Workers have been mobilizing all week, with informational picketing outside call centers and wireless stores, preparing for the strike, national union leaders said.

In California and Nevada, around 17,000 AT&T workers who provide phone, landline and cable services have been working without a contract for more than a year.

AT&T Mobility is one of the single largest retail workforces with union representation anywhere in the U.S. numerous 100,000 members are recently organized after CWA scored victories under "bargaining to organize" agreements with the company, which allowed for speedy representation elections.

The relocation of jobs to call centers in Mexico, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic and other countries is one of the main issues in negotiations.

About 500 AT&T workers are striking right now in Evansville.

Employees claim the company is demanding more work for less and it is looking to third party dealers and overseas workers.

What's most important is we're all family, whether you're a union member or not.

The strike is expected to end Sunday evening, with workers returning to the job Monday.

  • Joanne Flowers