Three Girls wins praise for Rochdale abuse scandal portrayal

Filming it late past year over two months, Lisa got to know the victims of the case, and was keen to tell their story.

"So all my life, 39 years, I get in the shower thinking, oh wow, heaven - and I thought, oh wow, there's nothing to lift up!"

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

"They told me there were 75% chance that I'd lose all feeling".

'Thanks all. Last episode tonight 9pm'.

They will be joined by Liv Hill, Ria Zmitrowicz and Molly Windsor, who play the three girls Ruby, Amber and Holly respectively, as well as Simon Nagra, Qas Hamid and Wasim Zakir.

However, since the programme is based on the real-life sexual grooming scandal in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, it was understandably a sensitive, and mentally hard production process - and Lisa has spoken out about the "horrendous" case, and how angry she felt while bringing it to life.

She added: "I've got the body".

Riley said the real girls are "over the moon" at how the three-part series, which concludes tonight, has portrayed their story, and that they feel "justice has been done".

After her pleas went previously ignored, the true extent of the abuse and betrayal is revealed and sends shockwaves through the police, and they're finally ready to listen.

Ms Oliver, played by Lesley Sharp in the TV drama, has openly criticised the way Greater Manchester Police dealt with the investigation in 2012.

Yes, this can come with a huge personal cost - Sara Rowbotham lost her job and describes being in a very dark place, including suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

Years later and numerous girls are now in their 20s; because of a lack of prosecution numerous men behind the horrific acts are still at large.

Actress Jill Halfpenny has taken to social media to thank Three Girls viewers for their support as the harrowing mini-series reached its conclusion.

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