Ransomware WannaCry: Uttar Pradesh police lists 5 steps to save your computer

The WannaCry ransomware attack takes advantage of a vulnerability in out-of-date versions of Microsoft Windows. That's when the NSA told Microsoft about the vulnerability, and the company issued a security update to fix the flaw.

An illustration showed that once you receive an infected file typically attached to an email or a URL, an encryption key locks all your data. They allege that last week's WannaCry attack exploited a flaw that the USA government knew about and chose not to disclose, an identical situation to the Heartbleed virus that the National Security Administration knew about for around two years before researchers discovered it and announced it to the public.

With the world still getting to grips with the unprecedented global cyber attacks through the WannaCry ransomware, the group that made such an attack possible has promised that it would soon be making tools available, which could lead to similar attacks in the future.

"The high price highlights the quandary the world's biggest software company faces as it tries to force customers to move to newer and more secure software", the Financial Times said.

Economic experts believe this attack could cost businesses and governments hundreds of millions of dollars. Regarding the type of exploits the Shadow Brokers is promising to deliver, the group says it will deliver exploits for web browsers, routers, handsets and more.

WannaCry seems to have attacked computers in Russian Federation first, after which the ransomware quickly spread to as much as 150 + countries and affected Microsoft computers. Windows 10 users can also be affected if they are not patched and updated.

Efforts by IT security researchers to get to the bottom of the recent ransomware attack have been hampered by an inability to find early traces of the so-called WannaCry strain, according to research commissioned by Reuters and conducted by security ratings firm BitSight. Further threats included the files being permanently deleted if the user did not pay up, or the amount tripling if not paid within three days. I can see this happening with individuals, but can anyone in their right mind use an unsupported version of an operating systems on a banking or hospital system? Go to the website and click on your Windows version to download the security patch. As I wrote about several years ago, you should not be using old versions of Windows because it's a security risk.

Since the beginning of the attack, WannaCry has already caused massive disruption around the globe.

  • Arturo Norris