Ohio boy, 8, was assaulted by classmate days before killing himself

Security footage shows her 8-year-old son, Gabriel Taye, falling unconscious at a Cincinnati school in an incident that may have led to the boy's suicide two days later, an attorney for his family said.

At the time of his death, school officials at Carson Elementary School claimed there was no evidence of bullying. Like, was there any connection between the bathroom incident and Gabriel's suicide?

Gabriel lies motionless, his legs crumpled under him, as other students run away.

Then Gabriel arrives "and appears to shake hands".

The disturbing clip, released by police this week, shows a traumatic incident reported to have occurred just days before he would tragically end his own life. That evening, this mother found him hung from the bed.

Amy Henson's daughter attends the same school as Gabriel.

It was not until March that the video was brought to their knowledge. The Cincinnati Public School statement provides a different version of events.

No charges have been filed, officials said.

An Ohio mother is desperate for answers in her 8-year-old son's suicide.

School officials have been critical of a homicide detective's description of what happened in the surveillance video recorded January 24. The mother's attorneys said her sister, who was caring for the boy while she was at work that night, called to tell her the boy had been vomiting.

His mom had taken him to the local hospital where they told her it was most likley stomach flu. On Jan. 26 he took his life hanging himself in the bedroom on one of these neckties.

Branch said the boy only told his mother his stomach hurt, adding that the mother believes he did not know what had happened that day. That was the day that he came home from school, went to his room and hanged himself.

"Cincinnati Public Schools is reviewing with faculty and staff the procedures regarding adult supervision in the restrooms", the district said in its statement. "Their investigation has concluded and no charges were filed".

But in the surveillance footage, according to a police report by Detective Eric Karaguleff, Gabriel was hit and kicked for five minutes while he was unconscious in a bathroom at Carson Elementary School before the school's assistant principal, Jeff McKenzie, rushed in.

"I witnessed behavior that in my belief is bullying and could even rise to the level of criminal assault", if not for their ages, a police detective said, according to that report.

According to the Post, Gabriel's mother, identified as Cornelia Reynolds, has declined to give interviews since the news of the video broke. But experts say students don't always report bullying.

"I just feel like enough is not being done, and I feel like stuff is being swept under the rug", Reynolds said.

She also had a warning for other parents to be alert to signs their children were being bullied, and could even be pushed to suicide. I am my sons voice and it will be heard. People who knew him describe him as a happy-go-lucky kid. "That was his way".

In a statement, the boy's mother said, "Gabriel was a shining light to everyone who knew and loved him". ". She would have called the police because other children need to be protected from what was going on, and she would have wanted the school to be up front with her so she could have made the decision not to send him back".

  • Zachary Reyes