Here's what we know about 'Destiny 2'

There is something for nearly every type of gamer in Destiny 2, including gameplay for solo, cooperative and competitive players set within a vast, evolving and exciting universe.

Destiny 2 has been scheduled for release on September 8-but, as it turns out, that is only for the console versions of the game.

After months of rumour and speculation, Bungie has finally revealed the Destiny 2 release date. Reddick plays the character called Commander Zavala. "'Destiny 2' is going to be a new experience for everyone", He says.

The gameplay reveal also included vide previews of the new worlds, the updates to multiplayer, and the new story focus. Previously only 50% of players took place in the raids, which left half of the player based unable to play one of the best parts of Destiny.

In addition to the cinematic reveals for Destiny 2's gameplay, a host of brand new images debuted, showcasing the sequel's new environments, campaign, PvP modes, and gear.

And, of course, there are a new Strikes and a new Raid on the way too - though details on the latter remain a secret.

On the clan side of things, if they're a player or two short they can turn to Guided Gamers to help them out.

If you want to try your hands on the game early then pre-order Destiny 2 from AMAZON now as it will give you access to the exclusive beta.

With the Destiny 2 Stream happening today, Bungie informed the community of what players can expect from Destiny 2. Plus, they'll have bonuses for all clan members so any individual bonuses gets shared amongst the group.

Stay tuned to IGN and our Destiny-centric show Fire Team Chat, for more ahead of Destiny 2's release. "We do not have dedicated servers for Destiny 2 on PC". The trailer makes all of these looks pretty badass, but we'll see how they look in the game. The goal of Destiny 2 is to go out and recover your powers.

Not only do we get to see a slice of the handsome environments in Destiny 2 where everything looks like it has a fresh coat of paint, we learn that the last safe city on Earth is falling to war.

  • Arturo Norris