Google Daydream "Euphrates" Update Brings Interesting Improvements to the VR Experience

Another interesting feature coming with Daydream 2.0, which will be powered by Android O, is the ability to screenshot or capture what you see as well as cast your virtual experience on to a Chromecast-equipped TV so that your friends and family can see what you're seeing. The audience can pay to prioritize their comments on YouTube streams.

YouTube announced a way to watch VR videos with friends.

Google at its ongoing developers conference unloaded tons of new information regarding its augmented reality and virtual reality efforts.

I could see this being really fun for watching new movie trailers, like a new Star Wars drop.

Everything from controlling lights and drones, to dropping dozens of balloons on people's heads, Super Chat can provide video creators with a new set of tools to engage their viewers in the content, while making a bit more money as well. This in itself would be another element to potentially raise the adoption rate of VR as more people might be inclined to try it if they could enjoy it with others at the same time. The rooms are public, so your customizable avatar is interacting with everyone else using the YouTube VR app.

The firm is also giving YouTube VR an overhaul to enable multiple users to "share the experience in the same virtual space".

Expect more news and details in the days to come. It's adding support for its Chrome web browser, so you can browse websites.

  • Arturo Norris