Fox News Founder, Roger Ailes, Dead at 77

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If nothing else, it's worth noting the rather matter-of-fact statement (and its lack of superlatives) emailed from Ohio University regarding Ailes, a graduate and substantial financial donor to the school: "Today, we learned of the passing of alumnus Roger Ailes".

The death of Roger Ailes, the mastermind behind the eruption of Fox News as the brightest star in the cable news universe, on Thursday at age 77 evoked for me memories of my days as a young reporter in the mid and late 1960s.

The former Nixon aide played an essential role in shifting the political debate sharply to the right in less than a generation, employing polarizing and, some say, destructive tactics.

Former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson filed a lawsuit against Fox Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes, alleging sexual harassment.

'The GOP has long had a problem speaking to people beyond the board room and country club - Roger changed that. "Roger changed that. He was a genius".

During his earlier days as a political consultant, Ailes was a sought-after debate coach, working with President Ronald Reagan in 1984 and readying Vice President George Bush for debates with Gov. Michael S. Dukakis of MA in 1988.

Throughout the book, Kelly expresses gratitude to Ailes for giving her so many chances to advance her career, and writes that she looked to him as a mentor. In a nation where the national press is generally sympathetic to the left, Fox gives voice to a more traditional point of view that other TV news operations historically ignored. Smith represents two other women with lawsuits pending against Fox News.

According to the medical examiner, Ailes died of suffering from a subdural hematoma, caused by excessive internal cerebral bleeding due to a fall, in the bathroom of his Florida home, last week.

As head of a liberal media watchdog, Carusone was against virtually everything Ailes stood for.

Judd Burstein, a lawyer who represents former host Andrea Tantaros, released a statement saying Ailes' widow and teenage child "did nothing wrong, and surely deserve our sympathy".

Attorneys representing Fox and Ailes did not respond to messages seeking comment.

Ailes and O'Reilly were both ousted from Fox News this past year amid accusations that they'd sexually harassed multiple female coworkers. Republicans now have a 45-seat majority, a swing of 127 seats. "And a lot of them did".

CHRIS RUDDY: Roger nearly single handedly built the number one TV network for cable news in the country, and he did it within three or four years. Also about the ways in which Ailes used Fox News' budget to fund his private investigators and smear campaigns and potentially illegal surveillance of journalists.

Roger Ailes is dead, and now begins the conservative media's hard task of remembering him. In early 1996 he accepted a challenge from media titan Rupert Murdoch to build a news network from scratch to compete with CNN. Since the run of damaging news stories against Trump began, Hannity has become the angry id of the Fox audience, charging that the president's opponents were "unhinged", "foaming at the mouth" and "wetting their trousers". "He made the Republican control of Congress possible".

Roger L. Simon, co-founder of conservative site PJ Media, went a step further and added a note of sexism to his eulogy, describing Ailes as "a brilliant TV news executive" but also as "tragic figure" who was ultimately toppled by "the male libido".

  • Carolyn Briggs