Three years on, Modi remains people's PM but key issues remain unaddressed

Responding to wishes on the social media in the wake of the third anniversary of BJP's victory in Lok Sabha polls, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that his government was committed to building the new India through a "reform to transform" approach. Almost half of the people (49 per cent) said that corruption had not reduced since demonetisation and 51 per cent of people believe that demonetisation was a decision in right direction.

In the LocalCirlces survey, conducted on the eve of three years of the Narendra Modi government, 69 per cent of the participants said that their elected members of Parliament did not engage with them in addressing the local issues. With a growing backlash in India over a deadly assault on one of its army bases in Kashmir earlier this month, a senior officer said the military had carried out "surgical strikes" along the unofficial border that divides the disputed territory laye September 28, 2016. "But as the English proverb goes, you can fool some of the people sometime but you can't fool them all the time", Scindia said. Incidentally, 38 per cent people previous year gave credit to the government for keeping the prices down.

RPN Singh: "Dr. Manmohan Singh never visited Pakistan but Prime Minister Modi did".

Though 65 per cent people believed that the Modi government has handled political affairs suitably including the passage of key Bills in Parliament, the overall rating has gone down on performance. Overall, as change hasn't come fast enough for most people, there is a decline in citizens rating of the government in most areas as compared to past year.

However, around 59 per cent people believe that the government is on the right track to implement the BJP manifesto for 2014 elections. Almost half of the people (49 per cent) said that corruption had not reduced since demonetisation. They believe that though demonetisation may not have reduced corruption, it helped fighting black money. This is still lower than previous year, when the number stood at 90 per cent.

By Rajiv Shah There is a whopping 21% decline in just one year among urban Indian youth who believe that the Narendra Modi government has been successful in its fight against terrorism.

A strong majority, 81%, said India's global standing had improved while 64% approved of the manner in which the government has dealt with Pakistan.

The Indian Army's surgical strikes seem to have boosted the Modi government's image among people.

  • Leroy Wright