The UO is taking steps to protect campus from ransomware

Redmond, Wash. - In the wake of unprecedented worldwide cyberattacks, Microsoft has issued security updates for systems that haven't been supported in years.

Those who use Bkav Pro or Bkav Endpoint can operate directly because Tool automatically protect.

Chinese state media said 29,372 bodies had been infected, while the Japan Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center said at least 2,000 computers at 600 locations were hit by the ransomware in the country.

Last week, the NHS hospital network in the United Kingdom reported a major cyber attack that quickly expanded across the globe, affecting almost 150,000 companies in 150 different countries.

Microsoft had patched the vulnerability exploited in WannaCry attacks with the March 2017 Patch Tuesday cycle, so all systems running Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 were already secure when the WannaCry ransomware dropped bombs on unsuspecting systems last week. Then, they hold your files ransom and, in this case, you have three days to pay $300 to get your files back or seven days to pay $600. Though, Brad was partly right, the incident has shown the government is keener to attack enemies rather than defend its own citizens or make sure they are not exposed.

Ransomware is a kind of cyber attack that involves hackers taking control of a computer or mobile device and demanding payment.

While the NSA did alert Microsoft in time for the company to make protection available to many machines - although not always taken advantage of - it failed to make clear to the public just how unsafe the vulnerability could be.

While those using Macs and other non-Windows computers are not affected, they should also take precautions and install the latest security updates.

The cyber attack that wreaked havoc across the NHS over the weekend, leading to patients being turned away from A&E and some operations being cancelled, has continued to spread.

"In our research, we found that a large percentage of attacks globally by WannaCry happened in India and the country was third on the total number of attacks", said Altaf Halde, Managing Director of Kaspersky Lab, South Asia.

First, disconnect your computer from the internet to prevent additional infections.

What simple steps can we all follow?

  • Arturo Norris