Terrified West African girl held as a sex slave in Sydney

Police are searching for the teenager's alleged attackers and the woman who went to her aid.

On Thursday 27 April, the girl escaped in the early hours of the morning and ran until she was picked up by the mystery woman and driven to the centre.

She met the man who held her against her will in January and came to Australia with him via Paris, in a journey that lasted days, in early April.

After consultation with the University of Technology Sydney's anti-slavery unit the teen was taken to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital for treatment.

NSW Police and Australian Federal Police have appealed for that woman, who was driving a small red auto, believed to be a hatchback, to come forward to help with the investigation.

Police are on the hunt for the "good Samaritan" who helped rescue a teenage girl who was allegedly held captive and raped in Sydney last month.

Her parents are working with Australian and U.S. officials to determined exactly what happened to lead the girl to leave Australia.

"She is being looked after the best she can be".

A teenager from Guinea in western Africa has said that she was allegedly being held as a sex slave in a house in Sydney.

The teenager was dropped at the centre by a good Samaritan, believed to be named Nicole, who saw the girl running down a street and picked her up in her vehicle.

The AFP's Human Trafficking Unit are investigating the allegations, and looking to determine when the girl arrived in Australia and identify the man she arrived with.

AFP Commander Chris Sheehan said how the teenager arrived in Australia, the passport she travelled under and who she travelled with were "critical" lines of enquiry.

  • Zachary Reyes