Telegram Update 4.0 Adds Video Messages, Bot Payments & More

The Telegram secure messaging app has been updated with video support, bot payments, and instant view.

After Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's strong push towards making social networking purely video-based in a few years' time, a lot of services are following suite and introducing related features.

The video messages are automatically downloaded and autoplayed, but you can change that in settings if you're on limited data.

"Video messages are so fast because Telegram compresses them and sends them even as you record them". Touching the microphone, we will get an icon of the camera, which is to be pressed to start recording a video message of no more than 10 seconds, that can be seen in a circle in the chat. The update introduces new tabs to the top of Messenger's main screen for moving between your messages, active contacts, and groups. The feature now also works with voice messages. This basically means you can put up a video which can be viewed by anyone from Telegram's public channels.

Moving on, the update also marks the launch of Telescope ( The dedicated video hosting platform would prove a boon for bloggers who want to connect with their audience on a larger scale, without leaving their personal source of communication. You'll see a Pay button in bot messages.

"When ready, users can enter their credit card info or choose one of their saved cards - and pay for the product".

Bots can now accept payments from users.

Just as Google Assistant can now process payments instantly and without much fuss, Telegram bots will also be able to handle payments instantly, in instances where pay buttons have been incorporated. The Instant View platform works even for those websites or blogs not optimised for mobile devices.

But along with private video messages, Telegram is looking to expand its public channels by adding video there as well, in a feature called Telescope. With Telegram v4.0, anyone will be able to create their own templates for websites.

Telegram also rolled out Telescope, for those who like blogging.

Finally, Telegram 4.0 adds the Instant View Platform feature.

Long tap when viewing an Instant View page to quickly copy or share the selected paragraph with friends.

  • Arturo Norris