Single Payer Health Care Bill Passes Assembly

The ACA is by no means ideal, but it already provides affordable health care to millions of Americans. "That's what's causing this disruption in the insurance market".

You might be thinking: "Who cares?" So, on one of thousands of issues, the Feds and government in general have their hands in our pockets, fleecing us for their own benefit and that of their benefactors and K Street lobbyists. "But we should be talking about making it better, not getting into a situation where millions of people lose their coverage". Those residents saved an estimated $360 million collectively through the HealthConnector, the state's health care exchange, according to the Massachusetts Association of Health Plans.

Under the Obama administration, the government paid insurance companies extra money, including $7 billion a year ago, so they could keep plans affordable for relatively poor consumers.

GOP conservatives want to eliminate federal funding of Medicaid expansion, initiated under the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

Building upon the American Health Care Act, administrative action in combination with stand-alone legislation will stabilize insurance markets, provide states more control, and ultimately ensure patients are in charge of their health care decisions.

More than 6 million Americans have pre-existing health conditions and patchy health insurance coverage that would leave them vulnerable to stiff premium hikes under the new Republican health plan, according to a new analysis published Wednesday. AHCA aims to decrease and modify premium tax credits by 2020, establish a patient and state stability fund, restructure Medicaid funding, and repeal numerous taxes that were put in place by the Affordable Care Act. These are questions going through the minds of people who, many for the first time, are able to get care under the Affordable Care Act. A real and nagging problem of the state pools was inconsistent and often inadequate funding of the pools by the states operating them.

The bill maintains protections for people with pre-existing conditions, but it allows states to opt out.

During a May 7 Meet the Press appearance, Missouri's Republican Senator Roy Blunt indicated Democrats could be abandoning the Affordable Care Act.

Fein adds that while private insurance companies spend about 20 percent on administrative costs, for Medicare that figure is only 3 percent.

  • Larry Hoffman