Media guru who founded Fox News is dead, aged 77

In cases where Fox News is named as a defendant along with executives who are said to have tolerated workplace discrimination, "these statements wouldn't be admissible against those other individuals because he's not their agent".

As recently at last fall's election, and after his career at Fox had ended, Ailes reportedly advised President Trump in preparation for debates. "What I do see changing is that some of the smaller online outlets, maybe they'll have more influence".

The caller said Ailes was not responding appropriately to questions and was still on the ground. He gave no interviews; sightings of him in public were rare. The tragedy is the impact he had on political campaigns, the democratic process and the nation. "What's it with you going to Warren?" "The actuaries say I have six to eight years".

But it turned out that according to the accusations of, you know, a score of women that he had been a serial sexual harasser and that he had used his authority and his nearly complete power at Fox News to essentially solicit romantic or sexual partners to see what he could get away with and when things went south to use the Fox News dollars to make the issue go away and to pay women off. But he was also a man who changed the United States.

Smith depicted the early days working for what others referred to as "the fledgling" Fox News Channel, when "people laughed at us". In 2007, Roger Ailes identified and harnessed the forces that would become the Tea Party. "This man I so admired despite our differences".

Events outside of Fox's control has made this precisely the wrong time to establish a new lineup. Roger Stone was tasked with keeping tabs on my reporting, and Steve Bannon published hit pieces on Breitbart about me.

FOLKENFLIK: Ailes was forced out with a $40 million pay day. So terrified was Ailes of the prospect of an unauthorized biography that he commissioned an alternative one by Rush Limbaugh's biographer, Zev Chafets. "CNN looks much more like Fox News than what CNN looked like in 1995". Meetings were derailed by rants about "Sherman" and "that fucking book". So I dismissed those complaints, even though, when I thought about it, I realized only a few conservatives pounded typewriters in the newsrooms I was familiar with.

It's hard to deny that Ailes treated the ability of top male executives to sexually harass without consequences as a major priority. The allegations of sexual predation did not surprise me. Hell, yes. Do I care? Sources told me the behavior continued at Fox, but no one was willing to go on the record to speak about it.

Ailes was, per more than a dozen women who've come forward, a serial sexual harasser and enabler of it in his company.

When Ailes hosted a reception one year at his home in Upstate New York, the chairman and his wife warmly welcomed Smith and his partner, Gio Graziano.

Ailes got some of his ideas for Fox News from his work for Joseph Coors, the right-wing beer magnate, who in 1974 asked him to be the news director at Television News Inc., a network that supplied free video to local stations to inject conservative content into broadcasts.

Ailes' widow called him a loving husband.

During a four-minute tribute on his podcast Thursday, O'Reilly praises Ailes as a visionary and someone who "didn't take any guff from the left or the right" politically. When it comes to the lawsuits targeting Ailes personally, however, his estate will take his place. Ailes had done things like install microphones and video monitors so he could, in a sense, monitor what employees were saying and doing during the workday. That's something I can believe. Yes, he was polarizing and controversial, but liberals courted him.

Though ratings continued to soar, in later years Ailes' power was challenged.

For better or worse, Ailes, who died Thursday at 77, leaves a permanent mark. - Lisa Bloom, attorney for Wendy Walsh, who made sexual harassment allegations against Ailes.

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