ICE Arrests of Illegal Immigrants Up by 38%

New federal data show arrests of people living in the country illegally are up almost 38 percent compared to this time previous year. ICE arrested 21,362 illegal immigrants from Inauguration Day through March 13, about 33 percent more than the number of immigration arrests made in same period in 2016. The biggest increase by far is among immigrants with no criminal records. However, when we encounter others who are in the country unlawfully, we will execute our sworn duty and enforce the law.

While arrests of immigrants targeted by agents rose, the number of deportations fell 12 percent during the period, Homan said. In one of his first acts in office, Trump signed an executive order that makes virtually anyone who is in the country without authorization a priority for deportation.

With the recent uptick in arrests by ICE in the borough and across the nation as well as the threats against sanctuary cities by President Donald Trump's administration, a rise in hate crimes and an anti-immigrant fervor that has left Queens' diverse population feeling uneasy, it isn't surprising that USCIS' visit to PS 58 might set off alarm bells. The requests ask police to hold the inmate, usually for 48 hours more than they would normally have been released, to allow them to be taken into federal custody by ICE agents.

The most alarming part about the enormous uptick in arrests of non-criminals is that it barely scratches the surface of ICE's ability to detain and deport.

"This administration has sought to create a lot of fear and anxiety in immigrant communities to the point where they've stoked fears that taking your child to the doctor or school could result in deportation", Healey said in an interview. The proposal has received a ringing endorsement from the anti-immigrant group FAIR.

The increase in arrests of people without criminal convictions has generated outrage across the USA from Trump opponents who believe otherwise law-abiding families are being rounded up. "In rubber-stamping Trump's deportation wish list, House Republicans are proposing to spend billions more in taxpayer dollars and expand unchecked and abusive authority of federal immigration officials in our backyards". He was detained when he could not present the proper immigration documents. Since illegal entry is a violation of our laws, these people are being processed for deportation in greater numbers than they were under the Obama administration, which often failed to enforce immigration law violations.

  • Zachary Reyes